Yoga in the Dome

Yoga in the Dome

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Sarah is offering three yoga classes at the moment in the dome. See the name and description of each class below...

Energetic Yin w/ Alchemy Bowls: This class is very slow moving and has nothing to do with 'working' the physical body but rather unraveling a tense mind and nervous system. With the help of the bowls, you get the chance to energetically clear and transform your cells as well as your energy body. It is a very relaxing and enjoyable class.

Hatha Flow Yoga: This class moves slower than the vinyasa, but has its challenges with regards to creating a strong foundation. Expect to be taken through positions that will require your full attention and mindfulness. There is always modifications for every pose!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Sarah's favourite way to move - like a dance on the mat! There is usually a lot of upper body strength building with a vinyasa class. This class, along with the other two will have a focus or intention that will change each time, but generally the entire class is created for a well rounded balance of strength and stretch for the body.