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The wind speaks of a storm that is coming and horses add to the thunder when their hooves turn up the soil of the earth. 

It is the strength and unpredictability that the horses fear. Their senses intensify and they run!

Quite the same force in an uncontrollable moment or unfortunate circumstance can be just as strong and unforgiving within our human minds. Our inner world has been violated and disturbed and reaction happens one way or another.

The eye of the storm can chew you up and spit you out.

The eye of the storm can also be your centre, nothing to fear.

Your soul can be laid victim, or empowered and stronger.

It’s a choice, always a choice.

MEDIUM: Originally created on paper using pencil, ink and pencil crayon.

 *All prints can be done custom to fit any size on canvas or paper, framed or not framed.