Not Alone
Not Alone

Not Alone

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Caitlin Montgomery and Sarah Clark come together to use their gifts to provide support for others as they deepen their self awareness and knowledge during these transformative times. 

What you will receive;

  • An astrology reading that includes context of current transits. Your birth chart is your soul blueprint. The alignments of the planets as they travel through the sky in relation to your chart awaken current energies, as an invitation to integrate and step into all the parts of the self. The reading will bring awareness to your life themes, as well as the cycles and themes currently arising. (This is a transformational time astrologically, both individually and as a collective).
  • A soul reading and visual meditation that highlights current limitations that are ready to be released. Sarah will use her intuitive gift of seeing beyond boundaries of time/space and connect with your soul and healing team to bring awareness to what is ready to be released. 
  • Post reading personalized support with clarity and group and individual support with integration
  • Weekly support in community where we meet online

We will be gathering online via Zoom on Tuesday morning's at 930am on the following dates; 

January 24, 31, February 7 and 14, 2023. *Recordings also available.

Why now?

We meet now just as Mercury (the planet of communication) and Mars (the planet of action and drive) move direct, signalling forward momentum. A time of action and clarity, understanding and integrating what has arisen over these past months. 

The last few years have been intense. We are now moving in to the final phase of the transformational journey we have been on in the Capricorn part of our birth chart – the area of life we’ve been asked to excavate, sift through, and release what no longer serves so that we can relocate our sense of authority - from external to internal, and stand in our power and authenticity. Pluto’s journey through the last degrees of Capricorn brings transformation, which we can choose to resist or embrace.

Astrologically, this Spring marks a significant shift in energetic themes for the collective, with both Saturn and Pluto moving into new signs (this happens every 15 and 2.5 years, respectively). This will impact us individually and collectively. 

Join us to receive support as you gain a deeper understanding of your soul blueprint and where you are in your spiral journey. You are not alone. 

Watch a video that gives you more of an idea of what we are offering.....