Nature's Rhythm Series - Dragon

Nature's Rhythm Series - Dragon

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Nature’s Rhythm Series - Dragon

The trees, the flower, the rocks… the ancients have spoken about how every single thing from Mother Earth has a Spirit. How is it that the Medicine Men and Women knew the uses of plant medicine without studying it in school? It is the Great Mystery.

I listen to the plants, the trees and the rocks. 

This series is created from my photos that have been mirrored and digitally adjusted to uncover what I consider to be the Spirits of the Earth. Earth Energy has many faces, many different purposes. This planet is considered The Living Library to many other Civilizations…. The plants, minerals, gems, crystals and animals are home to this planet more than our species are. I intend to honour and share this beauty through my photographs and art to reveal some of these mystical faces.

MEDIUM: Sarah’s Photography, Digitally Enhanced

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