Soul Portrait

Soul Portrait

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These sessions are currently available by distance via zoom or in person. 

Sarah has created a one on one experience that results in a unique creation that is a work of art. A picture that is channeled to visually display the essence of the client's soul. Sometimes life can be challenging on we connect ourselves all to closely to what has happened to us or what our role or title is. We forget that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

How it works ....

The session is a one on one meeting (done via zoom or in person) by doing a co-creative unique intuitive reading. This meeting is roughly 90 minutes in duration. After this meeting, Sarah will engage in a shamanic journey (meditation) with the intention to see the essence of the client's soul. She will then recreate her vision onto canvas in an original 11" x 14" piece created with the medium of her choice.

Every piece of art comes with a story or message intended specifically for the client. 

*Payment plan of 1/2 payment upfront and 1/2 upon receiving the artwork is available upon request.