Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

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Our Human Journey is one that involves 5 major aspects...

  • Relationships
  • Career (purpose or responsibility)
  • Needs and Desires
  • Health (emotional, physical and mental)
  • Spirituality (how you interact with the non physical)

In this reading, Sarah and the client will dive into communication around these 5 aspects that present as a reality in the present moment. It's through this journey that Sarah offers perspective, tools and guidance at the same time as creating a deck of cards. The deck of cards will reveal a 5 card layout that have to do with revealing karmic wounds, life lessons and soul gifts.

The card reading is unlike any that you have experienced in the past because you make the cards based on this present moment which is unlike any other! 

The cards can be disposed of or kept for future use  - completely up to the client.

This session can be done online via Zoom - or in person.