Creative Awakening Program

Creative Awakening Program

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Here we unlock that tucked away powerful creative energy that has been calling for assistance. This is an online program that is geared to awaken the creative mystic and imaginative dreamer to unlock the creative power of consciousness. 

Together, we will create art and discover practices that are dedicated to the health and rejuvenation of our pineal gland; a fundamentally important aspect of experiencing higher levels of consciousness through visualization using our mind’s eye. 

What can you expect from this 22 day program?

  • A daily 20 minute guided meditation practice enhanced by the healing frequency of alchemy crystal bowls
  • A weekly (3 in total) guided meditation followed by a live art project collectively done on Zoom - the live sessions will be recorded for those not able to make the live meeting
  • A daily practice to enhance dreamtime cognition and awareness
  • Education and practices (including nutritional information) on how to awaken and enhance the function of the pineal gland and its important role in our lives

Starting on Feb 1st - 22nd

Cost - $111

It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. I’ve added an additional day for the integration. Let's see if we can form some new habits to increase our superhuman potential!

No meditation or art experience is necessary.

Participants who obtain the necessary art supplies at Final Touch Art Studio in Cochrane will receive a 10% discount.

What supplies are required?

Fine Tipped Black Ink Pen + HB Pencil

Acrylic Paint - Colours that you prefer or at least the following primary colours;

Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow

3 Canvas on board pieces (sizing is up to you) or thick multi medium paper (for wet and dry)

Paint brushes… If you purchase through the dollar store, please see the photos of the brands that are best in quality. For sizing, have an assortment (3 brush minimum)

Cup for water & cloth for paintbrush



In case you missed it... 

When: Feb 1 - 22nd || Online painting classes will be held via zoom on Wednesday Feb 3, 10 & 17 from 7-9pm

Pricing: $111