Freedom from 'His Story' (History)

Freedom from 'His Story' (History)

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Freedom from 'His Story' (History) --> #3 of the Freedom Series.

When I first heard of history being 'His Story' - I thought, isn't that true.

History, specifically that of your family might be uplifting and heroic, a great story! But if the stories of your families past was of hardship or injustice, it would be easy and natural for you to adopt these struggles as your own webbed deep into your subconscious mind. We can still be respectful, yet acknowledge and learn from these mistakes and limitations by letting them go. Realizing it doesn't have to also be part of our story if it isn't empowering. It's brave to admit and opt to change these self limiting beliefs that are in your way. I see freedom emerging from letting go of our history.

11" x 15" oil on paper - prints only for sale