Freedom from Codependency

Freedom from Codependency

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Freedom from Codependent Relationships.

We all have them or have had them. Whether you constantly rely on someone to make you feel better or worse about yourself, it will eventually create an unhealthy relationship. I am not saying we shouldn't engage with others to enrich our lives, but rather be more aware and discerning when we make compromises or create conditions and expectations.

As I mature, I realize how overly complicated and sometimes disappointing relationships can be when I depend on someone else to make me feel 'loved', 'appreciated' or 'worthy'. I have experienced moments of relief when I have made conscious actions (or lack there-of) and decisions to rely less on others and more on myself. Yet life is cyclical and so are old patterns. This is the whole point of this 'Freedom Series'. To remind myself and quite possibly, others, that it's time to break free from it all !!

11" x 15" oil on paper - prints only available