Warrior Series - End of War

Warrior Series - End of War

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The war is over. The fight is done. You have been through so much pain and suffering and now you can put down your sword for good, we don’t need to fight any more.

As you harness the teachings of the eagle, you begin to gain perspective from a place where time stands still. Rising to new heights, you can see that we’re connected to everything and that we are truly not separate. Everything is connected. What is true on one level, is true on every level. 

Nature does not thrive in competition, rather in cooperation. We now realize that we are the microcosm to the macrocosm and interconnected to all things in nature. It is time for us to all come together as one tribe and one nation, it is the end of all wars.

Medium: Oil Based Painting

Original: $1200 (framed) & $1000 (unframed)

Print on canvas over frame: 12” x 18” - $275

Print on photo paper - 8” x 10” - $45