Embracing Your Inner Warrior: Mars in Aries
Embracing Your Inner Warrior: Mars in Aries

Embracing Your Inner Warrior: Mars in Aries

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A 6-week online workshop with weekly live group sessions, and the option of adding a personalized recording about Mars and Aries in your birth chart. Program will be co-hosted by Allison Goin & Sarah Clark. 

Group sessions will be held on Tuesdays, May 24 - June 28 at 9am MST. Check out a snippet of the nature of our discussions HERE.

Recordings of the group sessions will also be shared with all participants if you can’t attend live.

Weekly Group Sessions Include:

  • Grounding/breathwork exercise

  • Updates on current astrological energies for an understanding of the broader context and cycles

  • Guidance for spiritual journeying, with practical tools for introspective practices

  • Holding space for community support and sharing our experiences

This program starts with the movement of Mars into Aries and an Aries stellium on May 24th. What does this mean? An influx of warrior energy, and an opportunity to strengthen our personal boundaries, embrace our power & passion, initiate change, and develop our courage.

Individual astrology recordings can be added on to the program when you register. These recordings will focus on Mars and Aries placements in your birth chart and where these themes show up in your life. Recordings will be approximately 15 minutes long and sent to you as an MP3.