Crossing the Threshold: Practical Tools for Transformation

Crossing the Threshold: Practical Tools for Transformation

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Allison and Sarah collaborate to bridge the science of astrology with practical tools to address our physical and psychosomatic reality.

Broken down into four pillars and journeyed through a total of four weeks, each recipient will be given personalized astrological guidance specific to the four pillars.

What are the four pillars?

  1. Creative Expression: Sarah has a special project for you that can be done in the comforts of your home and with whatever medium you choose. 
  2. Holistic Health Practice: You will receive access to Sarah’s Yoga and Breath Work classes (3 new live and downloadable classes per week). In addition, you will receive ideas for other healthy practices to fit into your daily routine.
  3. Meditation & Introspection: Sarah will provide meditations that you can download or access each week. There will also be a list of journaling questions that will be provided for you that pertain to the season of spring; heralding in the new and shedding the old.
  4. Supportive Connections: We will meet weekly as a small, intimate group for a live talk on the pillars, with opportunities to share insights and ask questions.

Your personalized astrological info will be delivered to you via weekly recordings to correlate with each pillar, breaking down what your chart has to tell you about your soul’s unique needs in each of these areas, and potential pitfalls/shadow material to watch for.

Each person will receive the following;

  • Personalized astrological guidance delivered in a unique way
  • A brief description (sound clip) as to how the pillar of the week applies to your own chart
  • 12 yoga classes that can be downloaded
  • 4 meditations that can be downloaded
  • Weekly meetup on Zoom in community to discuss each pillar in greater detail. It is also a time where we gather to share experiences and do a grounding meditation and breathe together.
  • Special offers for additional services with both Sarah & Allison

Starting on Tuesday, April 12th @ 9am; the date of the historic conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces!

Meetings will be online via zoom on the following days:

April 12th @ 9am-10:30am MST

April 19th @ 9am-10:30am MST

April 26th @ 9am-10:30am MST

May 3rd @ 9am-10:30am MST

This program is designed to support and encourage people who feel they are on the threshold of change but haven’t quite been ready to take the leap, or have felt stuck or confused about what to do next. By building on the momentum offered by this conjunction and supporting you with practical tools, Crossing the Threshold will deepen your insights, expand your intuition, spark your inspiration, and give you the energy you need to move forward!