Warrior Series - Breaking Free

Warrior Series - Breaking Free

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Emerging from the darkness, she can now see the light. 

She wanted freedom. Freedom in her relationships, freedom in her movement, freedom in her work. 

She had the courage to make changes but she found the changes in her outer world were not enough to create the change in her inner world. She realized that soon enough, her outer world faded into nothing-ness. It is here that she met her naturally wild and powerful spirit in the form of a horse. The horse is a universal symbol of freedom without restraint. Her mysterious owl spirit lives in darkness, and magic nudging her forward with wisdom and ancient knowledge. 

She steps into a new life by embracing the transformation that comes from the death of old self limiting programs and beliefs. 

She is breaking free a little bit each and every day!

Medium: Oil Painting 

Original: SOLD

Print on canvas over frame: 12” x 18” - $275

Print on photo paper - 8” x 10” - $45