About Us

We are an art gallery and studio in Historic Downtown Cochrane, Alberta that features the works and instruction of Cochrane's local artist, Sarah Clark.
In Sarah's action of creating an inspiring environment for others to share their work and express themselves creatively, she opens select space to other local artists. If you are interested in displaying your work in art beat, please contact us HERE.

Founder and Owner, Sarah Clark

Sarah Clark has been expressing herself artistically for most of her adult life. From working in several art departments in television and film to owning and operating a yoga studio for nearly a decade, self exploration and expression is a way of life for her.

Creating real life drawings using graphite pencils to free flowing movement of liquid paint and abstract design, her work is dynamic carrying depth and meaning. In any given piece, you will find many unique self taught steps and mediums that produce her desired outcome. Each expression holds a powerful message and has influenced her in a positive way to live with authenticity, integrity and courage!

You will find that mysticism and spirituality are strong influences in her work. What she produces carries the intention to empower and inspire others to also embrace their sacred and beautifully vulnerable nature, in turn, freely expressing with wild creativity!